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Supreme Chi-Town Coding Crew organizes within FreeGeekChicago. Provides programmers and hackers a space each Saturday to hack, interact with Senior and Junior developers, build relationships and coordinate on projects.

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Who is SC3?

Supreme Chi-Town Coding Crew(SC3) was founded by David Eads a fantastic python developer.

It's co-organizers consist of Marcin Ufniarz a front-end and JavaScript full-stack developer and Matt Woodyard an experience full-stack developer of 13 years.

  • Developers with different technology and experience backgrounds.
  • Seek to help non-profits.
  • Seek to teach each other.
  • Life Learners.
  • Self-organizers and leaders.

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Open Space

Host a class. Come to hack and make friends.

Lead Group Projects

Mentor others within your skill set.

Everyone Welcome

Designers, Projects Managers, Developers and Editors all welcome to sit-in or participate!

Hack on Code

Start new project ideas! Find open source projects you'll love.

Who we are

SC3, building out ideas to improve our future. Organizing classes and projects. Helping new developers grow within their interests.

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